Welcome to my online campaign office..

front_pageI'm John MacMurray and I’m the Democratic candidate for the 72nd State Assembly District.

When I was growing up, my father was a teamster truck driver; later he bought his own truck. 
My mother had two careers: raising a family and teaching in public elementary schools.
Both of my brothers were born with cerebral palsy and needed special care for most of their lives.
From my parents I learned the dignity and rewards that come with honest work, and how necessary a high quality education is.
From my brothers I learned about personal dignity in difficult circumstances and how important a helping hand can be.
As your representative in Sacramento I will do everything I can to make sure that all our families have the opportunity to support themselves, to get ahead in the world with a high quality education, and make sure that the helping hand is there if it’s needed.


Why am I running....

   Like many of you, I grew up in California and remember it as the best state in America to get an education, do business, and live in.

   And now we are reduced to fighting over scraps.

  We need leaders who will lead, and who will put the needs of Californians ahead of their own popularity or the next election.

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